Better security for us all..

New CCTV cameras installed

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Holmethorpe CCTV scheme is not a guarantee of low crime in the area but it is a powerful tool that helps keep crime low and can be of great assistance in detecting and finding evidence from crime and other incidents on the Estate.

In 2017 Reigate & Banstead Borough Council aimed to reduce spending on CCTV, and their intention was to remove the outdated CCTV on the whole estate! Over many months we negotiated to alter their position and have a mutually agreed solution: HEA pay for camera upgrades and ongoing maintenance, RBBC covering running costs. Our position was heavily supported by the Police and in February 2018 we purchased and installed 10 new hi-tech CCTV cameras, which are being continuously monitored at Reigate police station.

This represents HEA investment in CCTV of nearly £60,000. We also invest effort and money in keeping the camera sight lines clear. HEA Committee Members believe that CCTV is an important deterrent to crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism occurring around our businesses.

We ask all members to help us in being vigilant and to take care that all cameras near your properties are not obstructed.